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Black Men Don’t Jump

Black Men Don’t Jump is a series started in 2017 to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness in Black men. Of course, much of society, including Black men, attempt to portray Black males a “supermen” who can endure anything, any pain, any trauma, any stress. But, the reality is that we bleed, and stress and cry too. Black men do contemplate suicide. Black men do jump. It our hope, with this series to make a difference.

Black Men Don’t Jump Podcasts

Recently, with the support of a grant from Milwaukee County Behavioral division, MIRACLE produced a four part, podcast series under the moniker, Black Men Don’t Jump. Produced and directed by Brenda Wesley, it is a series of four (4), thirty minute interviews with Black men along with the host, Rev. Walter J. Lanier and Milwaukee BHD Clinician, Kenneth Ginlack. Discussing the following issues:

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