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MIRACLE Leadership

Terri Badger-Ellzey, Board Member | AODA Program Manager, Mental Health America

Martina Gollin-Graves, Board Member | President and CEO, Mental Health America

Sue McKenzie Dicks, Board Member |  Vice President of Healthy Culture at Rogers Behavioral Health and Co-Director of Rogers InHealth.

Rev. Walter J. Lanier, Board Chair |Blog; LinkedIn

Amy Waldman, Board Member |Librarian II at Milwaukee Public Library

Brenda Wesley, Director of Education and Programs; Creator, Producer, Director, “Pieces: In My Own Voice”

Brenda Wesley Articles:

Omar’s Journey With Mental Illness

Rep. Barnes Honors Brenda Wesley with Wisconsin State Assembly “Hometown Hero” Award

Local Mom Writes Play to Address Mental Illness in Milwaukee

A long, painful journey through mental illness


We also need to identify and treat mental illness at the onset. Evidence shows people who are treated for first -episode psychosis when it occurs have much better outcomes and ability to manage the illness. This means getting the community involved and helping parents understand they have to parent differently. This means getting people to understand mental illness is real and not a character defect. And this means we need to stop using the word “crazy” and develop empathy. –Brenda Wesley


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