Mental Illness – Raising Awareness with Church & Community Leadership Everywhere

Raising awareness, decreasing stigma . . . Journeying alongside one another

Partial List of Collaborating Organizations

  • Rogers InHealth. InHealth advances effective action to increase inclusion, support and solidarity.
  • WISE: End Stigma Together One Story at a Time. Building resilience, inclusion, and hope for mental health in Wisconsin communities
    The research is clear and consistent. Getting to know someone who has lived both the pain of illness and the resilience of a recovery journey changes hearts and minds, which leads to actions of inclusion, support and hope. And getting to know many people and their stories has the broadest and longest lasting impact.
  • Prevent Suicide of Greater Milwaukee. Prevent Suicide Greater Milwaukee (PSGM) is a coalition of volunteers representing local agencies and organizations as well as the general community. PSGM is part of the state-wide initiative, Prevent Suicide Wisconsin (PSW).
  • Mental Health of America of Wisconsin. Good mental health is fundamental to the health and well-being of every person and of the nation as a whole. We want all people to understand how to protect and improve their mental health and know when to seek help for themselves or someone close to them
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